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Beautiful Weekend Links to Love and Share - inspired by Beatrice Clay

OMGeez this week went by in a blur.  Busy and a bit bumpy as usual. Same ‘ole same ole.  What was disappointing though was my unwillingness to peel myself away from my computer at the stroke of 5pm and race home to work my dream job. Every night this week was a late one at the office. By the time I got home, I was just brain dead and not motivated to paint or create content.  My new poor virtual assistant probably thinks I am a crazed unorganized “business” woman (bless her heart though, she’s great).  Seriously though, there were a few moments this week when I found myself really questioning my commitment to having a full-time creative life.  Like, can I really make my dream job happen alongside my demanding day job?

Do you know what I mean?

One thing I do know is that I’ll keep at it. I don’t give up easily. I may get there slower, but I’ll get there. I am pretty certain that the entrepreneurial life is for me. Despite the craziness, the ups and downs, the long hours …oh and the fear.

It’s 11:09pm on a Friday and while my girlfriends are out dancing their crazy work weeks away, I am here tapping on my keyboard, happy, and giving my dream job all I’ve got.

Here are some informative and inspiring bits found round the Interwebs that will hopefully help you have a beautiful weekend!

+ How to Get Sh*t Done While Working Your 9 to 5
+ Intrigue! Could this be how I get more done at my dream job after a long day at the day job?
+ Love these tips and “live where you live” is the one I am employing now.
+ There’s a spot in my dining nook for this and this. So beautiful, yes?
+ I want to eat this but I will eat this instead. #halffinished #Whole30
+ Cute, funny and true. Love these illustrations!
+ This guy decided that it was time to upgrade the Bible

Here’s to a productive blurry and beautiful weekend!
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