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Live Art and Crafts on Periscope

Are you on Periscope yet? Well come on over the waters are fine. I am still learning my way still. I’ve scoped a total of 7 times and one of those times the camera was upside down. Yep #shedidthat. HA! This past Thursday I participated in the #BLMCast Periscope and decided to invite all of my new Peripeeps to join me on Saturday mornings for a little chitty chatting and craft making. Well at least FIVE folks said they’ll show up…

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Asking for Help

I am a “let’s get it done” kinda gal. I truly like that about myself. My friends and coworkers always reach out to me when things go awry. I have instant plans which normally are *ahem* pretty successful. I… Continue Reading

relaunch blog post

New E-Digs

It's been quiet around these parts for far too long. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why blogging and sharing my beautiful life making messes in this space had become such a chore. Then it hit… Continue Reading