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beautiful weekend 7 inspired by beatrice clay Beautiful Weekend
Freedom Friday wasn’t so full of freedom today. I actually had to head into the office for most of the day. When I got home, I was spent but managed to read a little and watch a video. So glad I did cause my heart and mind are a little less heavy.

Deciding that you want to work for yourself and make a living with your passions and talents is hard. Taking consistent imperfect action to have the life you really want turn out is even harder. 

One day I am as high as a kite with excitement and hope about the beautiful life and business I am building and the other days I am sad, overwhelmed and a little green with envy because things aren’t happening as I hoped.

What I know for sure is that oscillating between complete and total “YES, I was born for this” and “No one wants what I am selling” is part of the entrepreneurial journey; it’s par for the course. I know I’ll experience ups and downs but at long as I hold on to my why and choose people over profits, peace over chaos, faith over fear and make love my bottom line it will all be worth it and it will all work out.

Enjoy these beautiful bits found round the Internet: 

I wrote a poem this morning. I want so much for you and me.

I just finished watching this and the last 3 minutes are just pure gold. “Dreams are like balloons.” Confirmation. I’ll keep sharing these cause we all need them. We are need reminders of our dreams. Be a dear and share this with the dreamers in your life.

33 thoughts on reading via susannah conway. BEST LIST ever. #6 LOL and #13 YES and #16 sad face + this is why I need to win the lottery so I can read (and paint) all day #18 will be coming to the blog next week so prepare yourself. Sharing is caring plus I really do love you. #20 see Austin gets me.  #letsread

I HEART this artful wall so much. I need to finish my gallery walls ASAP not to mention tackle the clutter. Oh, and I’ve decided to buy myself an original piece of art for my 35th birthday….did you hear me ORIGINAL. Woot I am excited. It will be an investment but I’m grown and I want grown women things.  More on this in the coming weeks. 

I have DIY on the brain but it could be because I am giving a little talk on DIYs next week at Blogalicious. EEK excited but scared EXCITED. LOL #thinkhappythoughts

I love reading stories of fearless women searching for meaning and creating the beautiful lives of their dreams. Here’s are two stories I read today – one and two.

Have a beautiful weekend! Catch me on the gram…K..there may be a giveaway in celebration of attracting 1000K grammars to my pretty little parcel of IG. YAY!

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Z is for Zephyr


when she comes Z is for Zephyr
Z is for Zephyr.

My hope for you and me is that we grow still enough to feel her when she comes.
That we’re wise enough to bend as she passes and open enough to accept what she leaves.

My hope for you and me is that we won’t take her passing in vain.
That we’ll rise up early to meet her with outstretched arms and a clean face.
That we’re ready.
Facing west and ready for new air (breath, love, light, life).

My hope for you and me is that we’re strong enough to turn, face east and thank her for coming. 
That we’re grateful enough to bow as she passes and changed enough to rise up and stand until she comes again. 

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5 Simple Morning Rituals to Boost Well-Being


5 Easy Morning Rituals inspired by Beatrice Clay 5 Simple Morning Rituals to Boost Well Being
My morning rituals are sticking so now it’s time to share. I used to dream about having mornings that weren’t so hurried, morning where I could just wake up, take my time, take care of myself, write, pray, think. While my morning routine isn’t perfect (you’ll notice exercise is missing), it is certainly better than a year ago and the results of now having some morning rituals are just too good not to share.


Being still isn’t just hard for a 5 year old, I am pretty sure it’s hard for you too. When you wake up what’s the first thing you do? If you answered grab your phone and check email or Facebook, well then you’re normal and like the rest of us. Some studies have shown that 80% of adults grab their smartphones within 15 minutes of waking up.

If you’re like me and have a work phone and a personal phone you are probably twice occupied upon waking up. Recently I started turning off my work Blackberry in the evenings and keeping it out of my bedroom. Trust me, no one will be harmed or will die if I don’t check my Blackberry. And if your name isn’t followed by the initials M.D. then you too can probably cut the work cell off. 

Instead of reaching for your phone, try being still for a few moments, clearing your mind and just breathing. I lie in bed for anywhere from 7-10 minutes just breathing. Sure my to-do list tries to force itself into my quiet still time, but I remind myself that I’m not at my day job yet; I’m at my soul job – the only job that matters first thing in the morning.

Morning Pages

This is a relatively new practice to me but like making daily gratitude lists, writing mornings pages has become my non-negotiable morning ritual. Morning pages allow me to take the 7 or 10 minutes of soul work I just did being still and stretch out and let my soul and imagination run wild like a 5 year old a candy store. Morning pages are three pages of long hand writing about what ever is on your mind, no need to self-edit or be realistic. Let it rip.

Julia Cameron,the brilliant creator of the Artist’s Way and the morning pages practice, says “There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages –they are not high art. They are not even ‘writing.’ They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes only. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the day at hand. Do not over-think Morning Pages: just put three pages of anything on the page…and then do three more pages tomorrow.”

You don’t need anything fancy to get started. Just grab a pen and some paper and write 3 pages no more no less. If you want to read more about The Artist’s Way or morning pages check this and this out.


Similar to stillness except during prayer and mediation you lean into God, the divine source that sustains and guides you. You can call this source whatever you choose, I call him Jesus and each morning I meet Him in my closet turned prayer and writing room. I pray about everything and everyone and when my few moments are up I listen for answers and direction.

Setting a Daily Intention

Ultimately you decide how your day will turn out before your feet hit the floor. You’ve made your mind up whether you’ll have an attitude of gratitude or just an attitude, whether you’ll greet the folks you live and work with kindly or not, whether you’ll be open to learning something new about yourself or someone else or closed to possibility. Setting an intention for your day allows you to experience the power you have in co-creating your life. You and God ultimately are in this beautiful life making thing together. Make part of your morning ritual, deciding how you’ll show up to your life, the people in your life and your to-do list.  

Setting your daily intention can be as simple as saying to yourself in the morning “Today, I choose patience,” or “Today I will look for opportunities to serve.” 

Warm Lemon Water

My daughter is clean eating and juicing enthusiast. She swears by warm lemon water in the morning and for good reason too. Think about it: imagine drinking no water, tea, coffee or any liquids for 6-8 hours? Well that’s what happens when you sleep. Drinking 16oz of warm or room-temperature water with lemon first thing in the morning not only hydrates your body (made up of 70% you know), but it does a host of other things too like: cleanses your liver, aids digestion, reduces joint inflammation, nourishes brain and nerve cells and the list goes on. Now I love me a good hot cup of pour-over coffee in the morning, but my new morning ritual is to reach for warm lemon water instead. Trust me, the kettle of water for my coffee is whistling by the time I am done with my lemon water. #coffeeloveraddict

How do you spend your mornings? Got any morning rituals that ensure you’ll have a great day? Do tell.

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