Beautiful Fun No.2 – Vision Board Party (RECAP)


Beautiful Fun Vision Board Party Photobooth
The reports via text and email have been steadily streaming in…VISION BOARD MAKING really hit home for all those who attended Beautiful Fun No. 2 earlier this month.

I am grateful for going with my heart and not my head on this one. I was so close to canceling the gathering mainly because I worked like a mad women all through the holidays and was just burnt out but then I started to color and cut out cute photo props and BAM! I was ready for some Beautiful Fun.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Some delicious baked goods…

blueberry swirl muffins

+ Some fine folks…
Beautiful Fun Vision Board Party 1a Beautiful Fun Vision Board Party
+ Some crafts supplies…

Beautiful Fun Vision Board Party 3

= Beautiful Fun.

Beautiful Fun Vision Board Party Photobooth 2

We had a blast. The ladies really embraced the 8 Steps to Creating Vision Boards the Work I shared and ended up with some really amazing boards. I can’t wait for the reports to come rolling in by year’s end.

Taking time to plan and be intentional about your life is the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Two women who attended are gearing up to host their own vision board making parties for their circle of clients and friends this week and my heart is busting with joy for them.

Sharing is caring and with every Beautiful Fun event my intention has always been to create a safe and loving space where women can connect and create.

Need help making a vision board? SIGN UP to get a FREE guide to creating vision boards that work. 

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Meet My Kikki K Planner


I spent most of 2014 using my iPhone to keep me on top of my crazy schedule with mixed results.  In 2014 I found myself painting and illustrating more by hand and something about pen/pencil/brush to paper just makes me happy. While I loved my handmade planner I knew for 2015 I wanted something a little more chic.

So for 2015 I am taking it back to the pretty paper basics. Meet my Kikki K Planner.

Kikki K Planner Box

I stumbled upon Kikki K via Instagram and let’s just say I am so glad my birthday was literally a few days after I first learned of Kikki K. A birthday is a perfect reason to spend lots of coins on a pretty planner and accessories and thanks to the loves in my life I was able to get this gorgeous planner at no cost to me!

Since getting my Kikki K, I’ve been obsessed with Youtube videos and Pinterest images describing how best to “setup” my planner. Not to mention I’ve bought LOTS more planner goodies since then and even designed a few printables of my own to track my expenses. More on my expense tracker and the other printables I am designing later.

Would you be interested in getting the pretty printables I designed? Let me know in the comments.

Kikki K Planner with Accessories

The gold accents in this planner are just GORGEOUS!

Kikki K Planner Gold Binder Rings

I use my planner to track my personal, blog and biz lives.  I include a simple todo list for my day-job but I see this planner as my planning system for my creative life and my day job is relegated to the tracking tools in Microsoft Outlook and my standard spiral-bound work notebook. At least for now it is.

I LOVE my planner and really want to develop a Sunday morning ritual where I review my goals for the coming week in light of my review of the previous week. I have lots of goals and intentions for 2015 and keeping on track and on top of it all requires something different…my Kikki K is that something different. I am so grateful for it.

Each week on Instagram I will be sharing my planner setup from the previous week. I like to decorate my pages after each day so things don’t get really pretty until Sunday so check IG on Sundays to see my planner pages from the previous week and the planner goodies I’ll be using in the coming week….wait until you see all the PRETTY WASHI TAPE…my collection is growing by leaps and bounds folks. #stationeryaddict #planneraddict #ihopeyouareready

Kikki K Planner with Stickers and Accessories

How are you tracking your goals and intentions for this New Year? Have you ever used a paper planner? If so, please share your experience in the comments and dish about the pretty planner goodies you use to decorate and organize your planner.

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P.S. The #plannerlife is so good I’ve even gotten my cousin and sister on board. My cousin is using the Arc and so far she is loving it. I am so grateful I was able to share something that is already adding tremendous value to someone’s life. 2015 is starting off great!

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My 2015 Blog Action Planner


2015 Blog Action Planner

{Confession} I really want 2014 to be over already and not because its been a roller coaster of a ride either. I want to use my PLANNERS!! LOL. I have two that I am absolutely dying to use. One is for life and business and the other is for my BLOGS (wait, you didn’t know about my other blog baby?).

My 2015 Blog Action Planner courtesy of the lovely and uber talented L. Providence of The Native New Yawker is just so friggin’ awesome. It’s sleek, minimal and with just enough white space for me to doodle and color. HA! No seriously, L. really out did herself with this year’s Blog Action Planner. When I bought last year’s version I was impressed with the monthly peptalks and resource list. I mean, I discovered tools I hadn’t even heard of before. Each month had me exclaiming out lout “Ooooh that’s how (insert popular blog here) does it. She uses (insert any one of the Blog Action Planner tools here).”

Here’s a peek inside my 2015 Blog Action Planner

2015 Blog Action Planner 2

The 2015 Blog Action Planner is a printable PDF file that includes (yep you get all of this printable goodness):

  • 2015 Year At A Glance
  • 2015 Editorial Calendar  
  • Monthly Calendar (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015) 
  • Weekly To Do List 
  • Daily Post Promotion Checklist (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015) – I LOVE THIS!!
  • Monthly Blog Sponsors
  • Financial Report (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015) – TRACK YOUR COINS!!!
  • Monthly Income Report 
  • Monthly Expense Report 
  • Login Information 
  • Blog Metrics
  • Social Media Analytics 
  • Post Content Planner
  • Blog Series Planner 
  • Blog Conference Notes
  • Affiliate Information 
  • Giveaway Tracker
  • Blog Maintenance
  • Contacts
  • Notes 
  • Writing Prompts (Jan 2015 – Dec 2015) – GOLD!!!

What I love most about my 2015 Blog Action Planner is that L. so brilliantly separated each month, the trackers, and the resources into separate files so I can print what I need when I need it. Going to a blog conference in 2015, just click on the blog conference PDF and print off some note pages and then some contact sheets and you’re ready to go be GREAT(ER).

2015 Blog Action Planner 3

And can we just talk resources for a minute. L. outdid herself with the resources. Six pages of goodness with no blog stone left unturned – need SEO tools (check), need productivity tools (check), need social media management tools (check), need writing tools (check). There is something for the new and seasoned blogger in the 2015 Blog Action Planner. It’s more than a planner; it’s really a blueprint for bloggers and business owners (and yes every business owner should have a blog.)

Because sharing is caring and I really do want you to CRUSH the blogosphere in 2015, here’s how you can enter to win my 2015 Blog Action Planner. Let’s be GREAT(ER) together.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends on Tuesday December 30th at 12:00AM EST. Winners will be notified on Wednesday December 31st. L. will send the 2015 Blog Action Planner to 25 lucky winners. QUICK, go enter it’s super easy to enter.

And if you’re like me and just want to get your ENTIRE BLOG LIFE like right now, use BLOGACTION15 to get $2 off your 2015 Blog Action Planner purchase. BUY HERE.

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P.S. My 2015 Blog Action Planner came gratis (that’s fancy or FREE). THANKS L. (I totally would have bought a copy any way; just like last year).

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