Art the is Awesome: Olivia Pendergast


inspired by BEATRICE CLAY Olivia Pendergast Art the is Awesome: Olivia Pendergast

There is something so familiar about Olivia Pendergast’s art. The colors, tones and expressions of her subjects are just memorizing. Sometimes art catches me and I am like “WHOA now that is dope,” or “Artist Z is so talented, how she do that?” And then there are other times when I experience art and am lost for words. I simply settle in and stare at myself staring back at me.

What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit. – John Updike


inspired by BEATRICE CLAY Olivia Pendergast 2 Art the is Awesome: Olivia Pendergastinspired by BEATRICE CLAY Olivia Pendergast 3 Art the is Awesome: Olivia Pendergast


Want to see more Art that is Awesome? I curated this Pinterest board just for you. 

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What I’m Up To


what im up to no. 5 inspired by beatrice clay 650x433 What Im Up To

Who knew I would love vlogging so much and that folks would actually meet me on the YouTube (yes, THE YouTube…cause I feel old) every Sunday for 8 – 10 minutes of What I’m Up To chatter.  Last week’s video was pretty popular. Did you see it? I think I hit a nerve with the C word.  Click here, watch and come back…K.

This week I shared a bit of GREAT NEWS and how the whole thing scared the living begeezus out of me. I am feeling better about everything now, but one thing is for sure, I know I am moving in the right direction when something scares and excites me at the same time. Each new opportunity, though it be a bit scary at first, that comes the more I feel supported in beautiful life making pursuit.  Things are happening slowly but surely and for that I am grateful. 

While I am not entirely sure where my new vlogging exploits will take me, I am having quite a bit of fun connecting with my tribe and embracing the fact that my weekly What I’m Up To video has become my unofficial beautiful life and biz making accountability mechanism.  

You keep me honest. Thanks.

Here’s What I’m Up To this week:

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Eat This Wear That No. 9


eat this wear that 9 inspired by Beatrice Clay Eat This Wear That No. 9
EAT this | Skillet Rosemary Chicken
WEAR that | Tassel Flats

Fall in the northeast is just perfect for flats and comfort food. My day job keeps me running between offices and all over the city. My weekdays usually pass in blur. Ballet flats and easy meals make my on-the-go and late-nights-at-the-office bearable.  This week, I am all over this skillet rosemary chicken; it’s the perfect 30-minute-one-pot meal.

Currently, I am rotating 4 pairs of ballet flats, all plain no flair. I am itching to buy a couple new pairs especially ones with a little drama. These tassel flats may be just what my feet and fall wardrobe ordered – chic and comfy indeed! 

Got anything delicious and chic on the menu or on your feet this week? What are your go to meals for fall? More importantly, spot any CUTE ballet flats lately? Do tell (in the comments).

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