Focus and Farewell

farewell now

farewell now
I’ve been avoiding this post for well over a month now but it’s high tide.

The truth is I want to let go just as much as I want to keep at it. Inspired by Beatrice Clay didn’t become what I wanted it to be; it did, however, become what I needed it to be.

When I started blogging seven years ago, I needed a beautiful online space where I could reaffirm and reference the beauty that I know exists in the world for me and for you. My outlook on life then was bleak and at that time I had no idea that Art would come in the still of the night and save me. What started off as therapy and a healing practice, has now become the practice I cherish most (third to prayer and gratitude).

After lots of praying and thinking I’ve decided to close up shop. This is my last blog here at Inspired by Beatrice Clay. Like I mentioned in this space before…

I am an artist.

I want to make art.

For a living.

For my life.

I’ll be writing and sharing more behind the scenes videos over at my new online home – www.christadavid.com – I do hope you’ll join me over there.  My new blog A R T W O R K is a blog for art lovers and makers and will be filled with happenings in the art world (then and now), ways you can start and grow your own art collection, tips on building a thriving creative business, and of course personal stories about how my art practice is transforming me and helping me accept and embrace the creative, God-fearing woman I am.

Art chose me.  And today I choose Art.

Farewell for now darlings,

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